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“Love yourself, be a friend and companion to those around you from a place of love, and thus you’ll be able to influence your environment with love” (Own Your Story, 2017)

ד"ר רעה יואלי

About Me

It’s a pleasure to meet you.

My name is Raya Yoeli. My life mission is to plant belief in people that they have the ability to lead a meaningful life, full of happiness and faith because everything is possible. I do this in various ways, as a narrative consultant in a private clinic, as a lecturer in leadership programs, and as a researcher.

I believe that everyone has the power to change their life story by using the story that they tell about themselves.

I have a PhD in social work from the Hebrew University. My doctoral research focused on studying the life stories of couples who used mediation to get divorced. I studied family therapy and focused on work as a mediator for families dealing with the hardships of divorce and change.

While conducting my research, I came across the narrative approach, which I then took on as a work method. I’ve spent years in my clinic guiding managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals through their processes of change, assembling their professional identities, and building an organizational vision based on their personal vision.

I developed an MA course at the Hebrew University that deals with the connection between organizational vision and personal vision and studies the stories of visionary leaders. I worked in the military system, developing and guiding officers for the Raful Boys Project. I was also a member of the academic faculty at the David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem where I managed the institute for guiding parent groups, lectured at the adult education department, and, later on, became the head of the training program for school principals.

Nowadays I lecture and train in various programs for developing managerial and leadership skills. I’m a faculty member at the Mandel School for Educational Leadership and a consultant and instructor for the Civil Service Cadets program. In every one of the programs, I examine the professional development of the participants as past leaders and future leaders, through their personal identity, their vision, and the values that accompany their life story vis-a-vis the various motivations that drive them today.

I’ve established myself within my own field of expertise after a long and enriching journey of studies, experiences, and research, which had quite a few moments of pause, self-reflection, and recalculating my route.

My professional life was accompanied by two axes - the connection between theory and practice and the welfare of the individual, their personal development as well as the organization’s development. From then on, the road was already clear for me to create and develop my independent creation and the "Own Your Story" method.

I take a special interest in both the organizational and the personal worlds. The way I see it, there is no distinction between personal life and work - people need to express their abilities, emotions, passions, and meaning both in their personal world and in their professional world.

In my book "Own Your Story", I gathered my professional and personal experience through the stories of people who have undergone the consultation process. After the book came out, more and more people started contacting me. Since I’m limited in the number of people I can help privately at my clinic, I wanted to find ways of making the knowledge I’ve gained accessible and make sure the message could reach as many people as possible. For that purpose, I’ve developed various training courses in the "Own Your Story" method, in order to spread the word and consolidate the field.

During the intense professional journey I had chosen for myself, I had four children - Roni, Chen, Adi, and Doron. Once I had my first daughter, I felt that I needed to slow down the pace of my professional life. A new inner voice emerged from within me and I listened to it. I felt that I wanted something else. I understood the value and importance of pausing and of slowing down. I respected the need to be present within the experience and to let go for a moment. I felt the need to stay at home and experience my children during their first years. The birth of my twins, Adi and Doron, brought new challenges in integrating my career and motherhood. My wonderful spouse helped me balance the two so  that I managed to complete my PhD. I learned how to live in the moment and how to question and refine, at any given moment, my true desire.

My personal and professional life journey is abundant with stations where I deliberated various choices while applying the narrative approach, whether consciously or not. The voyage that I have undergone has allowed me to be an empathic and trustworthy guide for other people’s journeys. I love my profession, I feel that my work is meaningful, I raise my children with love, I practice yoga daily, and I learn something new from every person every day.

Yours, Raya

The Own Your Story Vision 

Every person has the ability to make a change and create his personal and professional life story through the story he tells about himself, as a story with meaning, self-fulfillment, and creative expression..


The Own Your Story method allows people, entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals to create their own personal and professional life story, to fulfill their destiny, act out of meaningfulness, satisfaction, and creative joy, and bring forth the creation of personal and professional success stories. 

Objectives for Implementing the Vision

  • Developing people’s belief that they have the power to create their own life story by listening to their hearts and desires.

  • Allowing managers and entrepreneurs to make their organization’s story into a success story and lead the desired change through authenticity and courage.

  • Providing tools and skills for establishing a meaningful vision of values and implementing it.

  • Allowing every person to lead a full and satisfying life that stems from joy, meaningfulness, and a sense of destiny.

Ways of Implementing the Vision 

Working on a personal and professional life story entails examining one’s mind, emotions, and actions. It requires patience, curiosity, self-examination, and questioning. All of these will lead to an expansion of one’s personal point of view and to knowledge that brings a sense of joy and optimism and that raises the chances of success.


Own Your Story, Dr. Raya Yoeli’s Book

“I live in a golden cage… At the beginning of my career, I felt happy and free, I loved people, I had social circles, I loved to study, I took on challenges, looked for excitement… Nowadays I feel suffocated, unable to move, unable to create… I don’t have the power to make a change…”

(Eran, 45 years old)

What’s my story?

  • Have I chosen the right career for me?

  • What parts of my life have come from my true desires and not from trying to appease others?

  • Have I ever had dreams?

  • When did I stop seeing the sky and only see limitations?

  • What have I missed out in my life story?

  • If I were to truly allow myself to choose, what would I change in my life story?

In my book, I present a unique method for dealing with the challenges of mid-life career changes, while examining the person’s personal story. The book allows a sneak-peek into the consultation room, the discourse created within it, and the narrative approach. It shares the experiences and life stories of engineers, lawyers, high-tech professionals, people dealing with humanities and social sciences, and business people, who all chose to examine their professional story, get in touch with their own emotions, reveal their desires, overcome their fears, and create their story anew - one that connects them to their desires and makes them feel fulfilled and meaningful.


If you ask yourself what your story is, if you want to recalculate your route, make a change, manage to express yourself, and enjoy a meaningful and successful profession, then this book is for you.  It includes an array of questions for self-examination and self-reflection, through which you can examine your own life story and create your professional and personal future.