Organizational Change

Assembling an Organizational Vision and Developing Leadership Skills

  • What is my personal vision? Am I managing to translate it into an organizational vision and implement it?

  • What is my leading organizational vision, and is it based on my values and on my employees’ commitments?

  • What is the formative story in my work, out of which I can learn about implementing my values and needs within the organization?

During my study into the connection between leaders’ personal signatures and creating the vision within their organizations, I examined the quality of reciprocal relations between the personal vision and the organizational vision. I studied the personal and professional stories of leaders and managers and found that the personal aspects that shaped the professional visions were the identity aspect, the cultural values aspect, the professional aspect, and the familial aspect.

The study’s findings indicated that there’s a risk in leading an organizational vision that doesn’t match the personal values of the organizations’ leaders or that doesn’t hold a personal meaning for them. This sort of move can cause feelings of guilt and prevent the development of the employees’ sense of commitment, which is vital for the vision’s success.

Therefore, the need to examine the vision through the perspective of the personal life story is valuable in leading an accurate vision for the organization. This examination allows the organizations’ leaders to cope with difficulties arising from the process of implementation and to create a sense of value and meaning.

בניית חזון ארגוני ופיתוח מנהיגות

Strategic Consultation and Guidance for Managers and Entrepreneurs

Strategic consultation and guidance for managers

  • What is my credo for building a success story as an authentic leader?

  • As a leader, will I manage to lead changes based on values through courage, faith, and an ability to enlist my partners?

  • To what extent am I aware of my powers and abilities within my professional story? How do I express them?

Leadership grows, first and foremost, out of a person’s ability to lead himself and to take responsibility for his choices. When a person leads himself he gets to know his traits and becomes aware of his powers, weaknesses, objectives, and values, and out of loyalty to those, he chooses to influence. This means that there is great value to the life story and to the meaning that one casts into his story. Every person receives opportunities to express leadership at different stages at work and in his private life. Another axis in leadership is the influencing ability of the leader over his subordinates. This ability is manifested by rendering meaning to the various occurrences within the organization and by creating a common organizational story that promotes the systematic objectives.

The central tool that a leader has for coping and for changes within the organization is his Self, the internal stance of his role. This is the inspiring stance, which comes from the presence of leadership, entails empathic listening to the employees’ needs, is open to learning new ways of self-expression, and is used as a vital component within organizational culture and decision-making patterns. This leadership is an effective one, as it allows the organization to implement its vision and subordinates to feel meaningful and equal within it.

The consultation and guidance process allows the leaders to pause and bravely confront their own stories, investigate their true Self and the change they require, as well as examine themselves within the process while maintaining daily functionality at work and continuing to promote the organization’s objectives.


Strategic consultation and guidance for entrepreneurs

  • What was it in my life that led me to become an entrepreneur?

  • As an entrepreneur, do I have the strength and the ability to cope with ambiguity and uncertainty?

  • Do I have a dream that I aspire to fulfill within my entrepreneur story? What is it?

Start-ups and exits are part of our culture, we constantly witness people succeeding at changing their lives and making it big time. There is an anticipation for the start-up to be rewarding, that the exit is waiting just around the corner, and that affluence is soon to come. These are a few of the social patterns that exist within entrepreneurs. They exact a heavy price and bring about a culture of short-cuts that creates an instant-culture, where entrepreneurs are measured by incredibly short time frames. Entrepreneurs find themselves leading a stressful and anxious life chasing success and being in constant existential anxiety vis-a-vis the question - “What if I don’t succeed?” They incur a heavy toll on their personal, emotional, and familial life.

Stopping the race in order to observe - through working with their life story -  enables them to recall what their destiny is, the one they had in mind when they established the start-up. What problem did they want to solve for people? What need was the product meant to fulfill? The consultation process enables them to re-examine their objectives and values and the ways to implement them. It enables them to understand that success isn’t just a finish line but is also composed of the journey and the people that we meet on the way, the people who show us love, encouragement, and friendship.

ייעוץ וליווי אסטרטגי למנהלים וליזמים

Lectures and Workshops

The variety of lectures and workshops that I offer combines research theories and dynamic experiencing. My aim is to inspire a new examination of issues of leadership, vision, and career changes. I want to enable each and every person to assemble insights about the ways in which they can reinvent themselves, both as individuals and as an organization. You’ll learn through life stories of leaders and organizations and get practical tools for implementing your life story and accomplishing outstanding achievements.

The lectures and workshops are structured according to the needs of the organization managers and their employees:

  • Own Your Story - To dream and fulfill yourself within your career

A lecture about finding destiny and meaning within your professional life story

  • Personal vision and organizational vision

What if you were told that your personal vision is vital for the existence of your

        organizational vision?

  • What will the leaders of the future look like?

Patterns and changes in the lives of past, present, and future leaders

  • Authentic leadership

What is it and how do you create it?

  • The five journeys within your life story

Tools for finding your destiny and meaning

  • Your life story is your “calling card”

How do we create a valuable “calling card”?

  • Partnership and cooperation

What is the difference between partnership and cooperation?

  • Help! Decision-making!

Decision-making stories

  • Don’t label me!

Discovering and developing your label-free Self

הרצאות וסדנאות

Training Program for Managers and Entrepreneurs

The Own Your Story method’s training program opens annually and offers a combination of theory and practice. The program enables experience-based learning as a means for building a personal and professional life story, based on destiny and meaning. The program provides the managers with practical tools to fulfill their vision and lead their professional change.

The program is based on the Own Your Story method of building a destiny-narrative and connecting the personal to the professional, out of the belief that this connection will bring forth success and self-fulfillment.

תוכנית הכשרה למנהלים וליזמים