Personal change


Consultation for Choosing a Professional Identity


  • What did I dream that I’d be when I grew up?

  • Do I live my story according to my own desires and needs or according to society’s expectations?

  • To what degree do I fulfill my destiny within my professional life story?


How does the encounter between a person and their Self occur during the consultation process?

During the sessions, we halt the train of life for a moment and turn our attention to deeper questions - Who am I? What is my desire? What satisfies me? When have I felt connected to my Self and my being? What are the things that make me feel satisfied with myself and my environment? What is my objective? Does love exist within what I do? What is it that motivates me?


Within this process we allow ourselves to become familiar with our strengths, abilities, weaknesses, and barriers. We learn to recognize them and choose to build our identity out of our variety of personal strengths and create meaning for our life story during the process of its creation.

We learn to contain the voices around us that empower our desires and abilities and mute the voices around us that make us feel small or sabotage our desires. Thus, we create a framework that enables us to choose through passion and desire, through our love for things and through realization and fulfillment.

Creating a change

How does one create the change? The first step, in my opinion, is the relationship that forms between myself and the person coming to consult with me. Sometimes I feel like it’s a work of art, a kind of collaborative creation that develops in the room. The relationship that is created in the room is based on trust, respect, and curiosity.


There is also an interest to dwell within the story, thus acknowledging that every person has a unique life story with its own unique qualities. Each person is the expert of his own life story and has the power to change his story if he wishes so. Every hardship that a person experiences comes from the meaning that he casts into his story and from the social influences that constructed his life story.

My goal is to enable you to reconstruct your life story in such a way that it will portray your powers, qualities, and values. I need to create a mutual space for observing your life story, while creating a dialogue where I provide space to examine the story and create an inner dialogue, allowing the hidden voices to come out and build a preferred story. Through internal connection to your being, you have the ability to be whoever you choose to be. You have the ability to create a change in your life while you live it through movement, development, persevering with the process, practicing repeatedly, and committing to creating a preferred story.

ייעוץ בבחירת זהות מקצועית

A Group Voyage in Choosing a Second and Third Career

  • Did I really choose my first career? What are my choice patterns? What would I like to do in my second and third careers?

  • What would I like to do in five years, and what are the skills necessary for it? What skills do I have today, and do I know how to lead myself to fulfilling my destiny?

  • What is it that will bring me joy, happiness, and enjoyment from daily work in my new career?


The question of desire is the base of the process of choosing a second and third career. We shift through the space that is between needing and desiring. The needing stems from our obligation to fulfill needs and sometimes from our urge to fulfill our surrounding’s expectations. That contrasts with the desiring, which acts as a direct channel to the Self, connecting us to the depths of our identity and being.


Freedom of choice is the mechanism through which we express our desires. What is the meaning of freedom of choice? What gives us the freedom to express emotions, wishes, and desires and act through those? In order for us to have the freedom of choice to act without limitations and out of desire, we must free ourselves from our own restrictions - stop being slaves to instincts, habits, and weaknesses; become free of social expectations and the chains that society wraps around us; express our true Self; lead our own lives; and choose what it is that’s right for us each time anew.


What do I love to do? This is a formative and guiding question. Sometimes we feel that we’re not talented or appreciated enough. Listening to our desires and love can motivate us to express our identity through professional creation. Sometimes we prevent ourselves from the full range of choices because we think, “I’m not good enough for this.” Sometimes that sentence becomes a formative sentence for our life, meaning that if we’re not good at something, then we can’t choose it. We must examine where it is in our life story that a narrative like that has been created. We must ask ourselves if we are prepared to create a change in the story and if we’re able to overcome our internal or social obstacles.


Implementation and fulfillment during the process of professional development, in addition to the question of choice, the implementation of desire is put to the test. This test deals with the level of our ability to fulfill our desire. The existential wish is to strive towards fulfillment - to turn essence into matter and  have it as something tangible in our daily lives. Each and every person holds a different meaning as to what fulfillment is. Fulfillment combines a sense of pleasure and satisfaction with a sense of self-expression.

מסע קבוצתי בבחירת קריירה שנייה ושלישית

Preparation for Interviews and Bids

  • To what degree did I show my true Self in the interview? To what degree did I feel confident about who I am in the interview?

  • What barriers and obstacles did I face in the interview?

  • Should I go for any interview offered or choose out of awareness of what the right job is for me?

The preparation process for interviews and bids includes a number of stages that enable you to observe and examine your professional identity, assess your skills, and clarify the abilities and traits necessary for the role, thus creating the opportunity for a precise and tailored self-presentation for the desired role.

First stage: We will carry out an in-depth clarification - have you chosen a role suitable for you? Will you be able to express your passion and feeling of self-worth within the role?

Second stage: You will be emailed preparation questions according to the specific bid or role description.

Third stage: We will carry out a simulation of the sorting process, which will include all of the questions; it will have a time limitation and will resemble the interview situation as closely as possible. You will be given feedback about the content of the interview, as well as an assessment of the nature of the discourse, your self-confidence, and the impression that you have made.

Fourth stage: We will build techniques for improvement and focus in order to make the interview into a convincing professional encounter, which presents you in a clear way and that will enable you to get the job.

הכנה לראיונות ומכרזים

A Training Program for Professionals

A training program for professionals using the "Own Your Story" method

The program opens once a year and combines theory with an in-depth practice of the narrative approach and the "Own Your Story" method. The program offers consultation, guidance, and practical tools for finding your destiny, fulfilling your vision, and leading change. The program enables the improvement of consultation skills through a processive experience within the community of participants. The program’s participants will meet their own professional community and continue to share information and skills.

תוכנית הכשרה לאנשי מקצוע