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  הגן הבוטני לוגו

Hello there,

When I became the CEO of the Botanical Gardens, it was clear to me that in order to succeed in the role, which was a managerial leap for me, I would need independent guidance.

Raya accompanied me throughout my entire time there, from the process of creating ties with the employees and the managing committee, through complex organization processes that required unique solutions, all the while acknowledging the organizational structure, which included a diverse multi-profession team as well as a challenging managerial environment within a city as complex as Jerusalem, and finally, to my process of leaving the role after eight years of management.

During my work with Raya, I learned about how I act, my managerial outlook, my work patterns and communication patterns, and my strengths and weaknesses as a manager. I also learned about myself in a general sense.

The work process with Raya highly influenced my managerial processes, my professional choices, and my career management - and I thank her dearly for them all.

With gratitude and best wishes,

Oren Ben Yosef / January 2018

The Botanical Gardens

  הגן הבוטני לוגו

I contacted Raya after having deliberated for over a year. It was clear to me that a change was needed in my career and that entrepreneurship was burning within me. On the other hand, I discovered that stability is an important factor for me and one that influences my route calculations.

During our meetings, Raya helped me first understand the situation I was in. After that, we mapped my traits and interests and tried to aim towards the next step.

At the end of the day, I dove right in and took a few steps that led me to a place where I felt more complete with tools for the continuation of the journey. The road is still long and winding, and we won’t always know where it leads, but a compass always helps us get to the path that feels right.

Gil / August 2018

Dear Raya,

I have no choice but to begin with a cliché and say that words can’t convey how important and meaningful your guidance and training over the last year have been.

You have been blessed with a unique ability to not only understand the person in front of you, but also to make that person understand himself better, and that’s not an easy thing to do. This past year has been one of the most important and meaningful of my entire life, and thanks to you, I’ve managed to navigate it to a safe harbor. You weren’t only a wonderful guide, but you were also a source of inspiration. And you’ll stay that way in my mind for many years to come.

With much appreciation,

A / 2014

Dear Raya,

Socrates said that: “The secret to change is to focus all the energy not on battling with the old, but rather on building the new.” During a critical time in my career, where I had been chosen to establish a new department on top of an old one’s ruins, you were there for me with support, advice, help, and a lot of faith in my ability to accomplish the tasks at hand. You directed me towards the right path in a sensitive and professional manner. And not just regarding my role, but also, how to maintain the right balance between work and private life. During a meaningful chapter in my life, you were a shining lighthouse to me, a confidant, and a minesweeper. I also feel that through me, you have touched the employees of the new department by finding the balance between the department’s tasks and the employees’ welfare, and I want to thank you on their behalf too. It has been an honor and a pleasure to receive your guidance, and it will accompany me for many years to come. I feel that I came out empowered.

With gratitude and appreciation,

N / 2015

Dear Raya,

It’s not easy to find people who themselves manage to fulfill what it is that they teach. We may teach management and leadership development, but implementing that method is a whole other story. It’s especially challenging to lead a team of people where each person is knowledgeable, scholarly, and opinionated.

You knew how to do that with great talent, wisdom, creativity and vibrant energy that motivated us all. You didn’t recoil from fighting and battling when we needed to make do with the limited resources given to the program in order to make the best of it for the participants. You knew how to mediate and compromise, and, at the same time, you knew how to criticize when needed. You were a great listener as well as a guide, and you were, and still are, a friend.

We’re all sorry to see you leave us and the program, but we wish you success in every path that you choose to take.

With much love,

The teachers from the Management Training Program at David Yellin / 2018

Dearest Raya,

How can I summarize such a meaningful year? I mainly want to say thank you - For allowing me to get confused and all over the place - but helping me refocus. For allowing me to dream and then connecting me back to the ground. For your professionalism, accompanied by a warm and personal nature. What more could I ask for? And mainly - for helping me rediscover my passion for the next great thing. I was blessed with the next great thing.

With thanks and appreciation,

A / 2011

For me, meeting Raya was like meeting a lighthouse. The change I made in my life was a formative moment, which enabled me to redefine my life story, make myself work in a new way, and build my life around a narrative of breaking away from a place of feeling painfully stuck. I learned that change is possible at any age and in any circumstance and is up to us alone.

Irit / 2017

Dear Raya,

Thank you for knowing how to reveal what I needed within me to light the way, guide, direct, and believe. I owe a great part of my success to you. I’m glad that I had the privilege to meet a person as special as yourself, who knows how to give so much. With much appreciation, from the bottom of my heart.

N / 2010

Dear Raya,

You have been accompanying me for quite a few years, on a professional, managerial, and even personal level. I won big time!

You’re always the right person at the right place, supporting, aiding, listening, showing new perspectives, and breaking through complexities, and you do it all pleasantly and with endless patience. You have a wondrous ability to quickly understand situations, say the right thing, and give the precise advice needed.

I appreciate you so much and wish for myself and for the Mashpi’im program many more years of working together. It is my hope that you continue developing, growing, and passing on your wisdom to as many organizations and people as possible.

Thank you very much for everything!

Ronen Kotin

Mashpi’im Manager

לוגו למכתב של רונן קוטין.jpg
לוגו למכתב של רונן קוטין.jpg

My colleagues from the Israel Society of Ecology have been aided by Dr. Raya Yoeli for four years now. We call Raya the desire extractor. Through the narrative approach, Raya helps people clearly know what the next professional step in their life will be. Be they chronic deliberators, people who examine a brand -new career, or talented people who are at an important decision-making crossroads in their life, after a meeting or two, Raya leads them through organized self-examination and extracts a clear desire. And she does it all pleasantly, empathically, respectfully, and with a deep interest in the people in front of her and their success.

Dr. Amir Fink

Interface Program Manager

The Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences


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